How can you take action on animal shelter issues?​

We encourage the community to report any incidents they have seen or in which they were involved with a local animal shelter. Learn more about why it is important to share your experiences and use the form below to submit them to our team.

Why should you report concerns about animal shelter conditions?

We use feedback submitted by the community to target issues in the animal shelter crisis that need to be addressed. Submissions are entered into a central database where we can generate reports and perform analysis to support requests to state decision-makers for change in legislation and existing policies.

Why should you report suspected animal cruelty?

Our team will use your submissions to address harmful conditions with shelter, city, and county leadership. Personal experiences reported by the public are the most effective examples for us to share when asking shelters to comply with shelter policies and to meet acceptable standards for quality of care.

Are you reporting an animal in immediate danger?

The Animal Welfare Data Center (AWDC) is not an emergency responder. 

If you are reporting an emergency and know the exact location of the animal , please call your local police department right away. Please do not submit this form to request immediate assistance. If the police are unresponsive, please call your local animal control.

Report an Incident

Please include as much detail about your incident as you can. You may leave fields blank or enter “NA” if you are unsure or prefer not to answer.